What’s the Right Fish Oil Dosage For Optimum Health?

Quite a few of us now take these omega 3 supplements for a whole host of good reasons. But how do you know if your capsule has the right amount, in order for your body to harness all those benefits?

The correct fish oil dosage has even had the health experts at loggerheads and luckily for us consumers, some conclusions have been reached. However, to further muddy the waters the marketplace has been flooded with inferior products that for many buyers means wasting their money.

Things like poor quality fish oils that contain pollutants like mercury and lead, plus some which have next to none of the important fatty acids so essential to your brain, heart and immune system functioning well.

Those two are known as EPA and DHA which are  Best Legal Steroids for sale offered in a combined fish oil dosage. Next time you shop for these supplements check the small print for how much of a combined dosage each capsule contains.

The amounts do vary widely from brand to brand and if the target daily dose for good health is meant to be 1000mg/day this will involve a bit of mental arithmetic for you.

That’s because if the price is low but the EPA/DHA levels are also low, say 250mg/day, you would need to be taking a lot of capsules to reach the level at which the stated health benefits start taking effect.

Plus, you will be buying a lot more bottles of that brand, making it more expensive in the long run against a supplement that has a higher combined level, where the price is not much higher.

If that seems like a task too far for you, I’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of the equation for you on my main site.