The Use For Velvet Hangers

All clothing has its own type of care ceiling Cloth Drying Hanger regiment. Even denim and T-shirts need to be treated in a particular to last the longest it possibly can. While the a fore mentioned clothing types need most of the care while going in the wash, some clothing types need to be taken care of on an almost constant bases. Wool, leather, and sometimes even silk need to be treated in very careful manners; because not only are these items very easy to irrevocably damage, they’re normally expensive as the dickens to buy in the first place; the cost of replacing them might be over the top.

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With leather it needs to be allowed to ‘breathe’, so don’t leave any leather cooped up all year round. When it comes to wool on the other hand, especially with sweaters, some other aspects need to have close attention paid to them. Obviously neither piece can be washed, but dry-cleaned instead, yet only one runs the risk of being horribly taken out of shape in the closet. Leather for the most part will hold up, but wool is a looser type of clothing that will form to, and eventually break around to what holds it up. When hanging up certain clothing, plastic and wire hangers will actually damage the fabric, and the overall shape. Wire hangers will leave rust, while plastic hangers will cause deformation eventually if the use is long term. That’s why those with nicer clothes should consider using velvet hangers.