Saving Money on Window Restoration

If you own a home that has traditional sash windows in them it would be a good idea to consider renovating them every couple of years to make sure that they continue to function correctly. If you are not that familiar with these types of antique windows you may want to consider hiring the services of experts who can come into your home and evaluate your old timber windows to see exactly what type of problems your windows may have and what is the best, most cost effective solution to solving those problems. For some older Georgian or Victorian style homes these windows could be over 300 years old so the process is going to have to be a delicate, time consuming one to make sure that nothing is lost during the restoration project.

It is never a good idea to replace your historic sash windows with cheap PVC or aluminum style windows. They do not measure up to the quality of the original windows that were installed in the home and over time they will not hold the value Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet of the original windows that were installed in the home many years ago. Many wooden windows can be fully restored to their original condition, if not better, with the help of professionals. Finding the right service experts for your windows should not be something that you take lightly. You want to make sure that you take the time to research just who it is you are about to hire to do the restoration work on your sash windows before you actually sign up for a contract with them.

Depending on what you need done to your old windows, the cost of these services will vary from each professional contractor you talk with. If it is draught proofing and painting that needs to be done the cost should not be that great. However, if you need to have the timber replaced because of rotted wood or get the cords replaced, you may expect to pay a little bit more, especially if the windows are not functioning correctly in the first place. The thing to remember when you are getting estimates on the work is that you are comparing the same labour and part replacements. You want to evaluate apples to apples in terms of what you are getting for your money. Another thing you want to keep in mind is that if the experts at your home insist that you need to have your old windows replaced make sure to get a second estimate. There are, unfortunately, still sales people out there today that just want to replace your old windows with new, less effective windows that will not measure up to the quality and craftsmanship of your historic timber windows. It is always a better idea to have your old sash windows renovated instead of replaced.