Great Road Trip Ideas – Baseball Road Trip on a Budget

As I would like to think there isn’t anything better than a past baseball excursion. A decent essential would be that you are a baseball fan, or if nothing else a devotee of American custom. Probably the greatest obstacle to traveling is the strain it can put on your spending plan. Anyway a baseball excursion, whenever done well, doesn’t need to cost so much. There will be more data on that later. Here are a few thoughts for an incredible baseball excursion:


On the off chance that you live in the Midwestern United States, Wrigley Field is the most memorable ballpark you have simple admittance to. On the off chance that you have never visited Wrigley Field, you ought to make it a highlight go there. The second most seasoned baseball arena still being used, Wrigley is like venturing back in time. Ivy running up the block facades in the outfield, and you will see an absence of a gigantic screen and different conveniences that we are acclimated with in fresher arenas. In the event that you haven’t speculated at this point, I would ensure you plan a Midwestern excursion around a visit or two to Wrigley Field.

One more thought for an outing to the Midwest is to take in the Cardinals at Busch Stadium. This is around 5 hours from Chicago, yet additionally an extraordinary spot to see a game. While in St. Louis, visit the Gateway Grizzlies small time group. The tickets are modest and they have a menu thing included on the Chowdown Countdown and Man versus Food on the Travel Channel. You can nibble into the kind of a bacon cheeseburger where the bun has been supplanted by a Krispy Kreme doughnut. St. Louis is additionally home to 3 top 100 heart emergency clinics; in the event the Krispy Kreme burger puts you over the top.

Now you are likewise inside driving distance of Kansas City, where you could see the Royals play. You could likewise go from Chicago to Milwaukee, or simply go toward the Southside of Chi-town and watch the White Sox play a little while later. Chicago is likewise helpful to Cincinnati, with a little more than a 4 hour drive. The extraordinary thing is these urban areas bring moreĀ east coast road trip to the table than just baseball – as though you want to do anything more.

East Coast

Each baseball fan necessities to make a decent East Coast baseball trip. Albeit the exemplary Yankee Stadium is currently a memory, you can visit the New Yankee Stadium – which is one of the more pleasant ballparks in all of baseball. Love them or disdain them, everyone likes to see a Yankee game. On the off chance that you have gone to New York, you could likewise take in a game at Citi Field, which is the pristine ballpark of the New York Mets. It is generally a decent way to save cash to see numerous ballgames when the groups are so nearby. Augmenting the baseball while limiting the gas cost; great!

When you are in New York I would agree that that Fenway Park in Boston is likewise an unquestionable requirement. This is home to the Green Monster, the gigantic green divider in left field, and is the most seasoned dynamic ballpark in baseball. Regardless of whether you like baseball, you will like Fenway. The climate is interesting, the fans are extraordinary, and the spot is loaded with character. On the off chance that you go East Coast on a baseball excursion, go Fenway first.

Different choices worth investigating are the extremely cool Camden Yards ballpark in Baltimore and the pristine arena for the Washington Nationals in D.C. This is one more 2 birds with one stone an open door. The parks are close enough where you could remain in similar inn for 2 evenings and drive to every arena every evening.