Crushing It At Any Age – 5 Key Nutrients For Women Over 35

As some of you may know I love to chat with individuals in this crowd because that is the demographic I belong to… and this is where I feel the most impact can be made on anti-aging nutrition efforts with the proper plan in place. I love getting older as I feel more empowered and much wiser as the years pass. The only issue is that as we age, some of our physiology hits the skids faster than Carrot Top’s career. I wanted to focus on women and let them in on the 5 key nutrients they should be optimizing to rock it out!

The female body is very unique and has special needs based on their reproductive capabilities. That special gift sometimes causes challenges… so today we are going to outline the five key nutrients that we want women to focus on to be great at any age.

1. Getting a D is a good grade!

For years women have been walking ProBiology Gut around chronically deficient in Vitamin D.

Research continues to flow in each day on the value of a vitamin D rich diet and supplementation. This is especially important for women who are in the upper half of the USA, Canada and Europe. Sunlight activates our Vitamin D production and when we do not get it through sunlight we need alternate sources. Studies have shown that Vitamin D plays a critical role in increasing a female’s immune system.

In addition it has been shown to have benefits for our cardiovascular system which is important as heart disease is the #1 killer of females. Finally, Vitamin D has been shown beneficial for bone health. As female’s age, bone density shrinks… keeping strong healthy bones is extremely important for overall health.

Good sources of Vitamin D: Organic nutrition from Milk, Eggs, Yogurt and Essential Fatty Acids.

Dosage:We recommend at least 2000 IU as a dosage… preferably in the vitamin D3 form.

2. This one kicks Oil of Olay’s… well, buttocks.