Are You Raising a Mama’s Boy Or a Daddy’s Girl?

Whether you are a single parent or married, you could be raising your sons to be mama’s boys and your daughters to be daddy’s girls without realizing it. Because so many of us in the world today are mama’s boys and daddy’s girls ourselves, we cannot help but raise our children to be the same as us. Even though the term “mama’s boy” carries unhappy connotations and the term “daddy’s girl” carries neutral or happy connotations, there are positives and negatives to these classifications. Understanding the difference can assist you in bringing greater balance and happiness to your own adult life as well as to the lives of your children!

As we define it, a mama’s boy is a man who has never left theÇeşme Escort sphere of influence of his mother. All kinds of masculine personality types can be mama’s boys. It isn’t a denigrating term here, not at all. For many generations, even as far back as World War II; our lives have been changing at such a high speed that growing numbers of families have not had the luxury of fathers inviting sons to enter their own masculine sphere of influence. In the western world today, men who go hunting do so for sport. There is no longer a necessity to take sons through the rite of passage of learning to hunt in order to provide the family with food. Some families still do, but they are not in the majority.

In today’s world, sports do not stand much of chance of being a rite of passage between fathers and sons. When both parents need to have jobs or careers to make ends meet, children get whichever parent is available at games, if either is available.

Of course, fathers inviting sons into their masculine sphere of influence goes beyond rites of passage. You will read more about that in a moment.

These days, so much is asked of women in the world that it seems a kindness to allow a daughter to be daddy’s girl, in as much as daddy’s girls are some of the most effective and productive individuals around! Nevertheless, when a daughter accepts the invitation into her mother’s feminine sphere of influence, she gains access to a feminine centeredness from which she can draw to find fulfillment from within as long as she lives.

Likewise, when a son accepts the invitation into his father’s masculine sphere of influence, he gains access to masculine potency from which he can draw to find personal power from within as long as he lives.

When we, as adults, are second, third, and fourth generation mama’s boys and daddy’s girls ourselves, how do we help our sons enter the sphere of influence of their fathers and our daughters enter the sphere of influence of their mothers? Furthermore, when there are so many single parents out there today, how do single mothers assist their sons and single fathers their daughters?